I’m almost recovered

I have some kind of food intolerance thing I’m trying to figure out so I can avoid the food/s that cause painful gut attacks.

After going back and forth between wheat, we recently decided to drop it again after my husband brought home a red tortilla wrap sandwich which gave me a medium gut attack (I consider severe to be when I moan, grimace, or writhe).

I get brain-fog with some of the attacks; it’s a combination of a mild headache with some sinus pressure, and a serious case of the stupids (my ‘killing’ my Money Making Experiment blog wasn’t due to the stupids, it was some kind of theme incompatibility due to my host’s settings).

I clicked through my main PTC sites, and did a little work on my IBS Nurse blog I’m setting up, and worked on my Squidoo Lens (not published yet). Mostly I wrote my About Me, then figured out how to place ads, and added some Links, and Amazon RSS modules to the Squidoo Lens.

I’m almost back to normal (not quite, I just noticed I put in the wrong title to my new blog, argh, it’s fixed now), and am sticking with rice and potatoes for my soluble fiber foods.


Shreela’s Online Money Experiment is temporarily dead yet again

O.M.Gosh! I killed one of my new blogs a second time!

I used to have to make changes to my old WP blog manually through text editors and FTP programs. But now everything is automated, and I’m having more problems with the new automated way than I did doing it the old-fashioned manual way. I’m getting the same feeling as when my friend would ask me to help her with her site that she’d made with M$FrontPage back when I used to hand-code/tweak.

The last time I bought a new vehicle, I got strange looks from the dealer because I refused automatic windows — I drive over a lot of bridges, depending on where I’m working. I can’t stand drive over bridges with automatic windows unless I lower them enough to crawl out of before getting on the bridge. Weird, I know. I don’t think I could kick out a window, but I know I could manually open one if I ended up in water somehow.

Back to my Money Making Experiment blog; here’s my comment on the theme maker’s blog:

Hi, I had a new blog with a different theme I liked, but after trying to monetize with ads, I checked how it looked in IE, OMG!

So I keyworded ‘wordpress themes monetized ads’ and after clicking around through 4 blogs with monetized wp themes, AND checking live demos in IE, I decide on this theme.

I DL and unzip, then unzipped the required plugins and uploaded those into my hosts plugins directory.

Then I activated the 3 new plugins in WP admin.

And the theme is being uploaded into the themes directory during this time.

So after activating plugins, and seeing that the theme upload is finished, I go though admin to DESIGNS, and activate this theme.

I have no site, nor do I have an Admin area!!

To make sure the above is very clear:
After successfully activating the required plugins, and FTP’ing the theme to the themes directory — I activated this theme in the designs section of admin panel, and that was the last I saw of my site — both the actual site, as well as the admin panel.

I had not made the code changes from this post yet, because I was hoping to make those after activating the theme. I don’t know if that’s what caused my blog to ‘disappear’ or not 8^)

Everything appears normal through FTP, and I did NOT change any permissions anywhere, just in case you’re wondering =D

Please advise what I did wrong, and how to correct it, thanks so much.

Your comment is awaiting moderation. <<– At the time I posted this

AcosminMAG – new wordpress theme » Alexandru Cosmin

Shreela’$ PTC Blog’s new home

All further posts to Shreela’$ PTC Blog will be at ptc.shreela.co.cc unless something goes wrong at my new host (they’re a free host). But I’ll keep this one open as backup just in case.

Another PTC account disappears?

I tried logging into TrustUrBux this morning, and my account disappeared! Here’s what I wrote to them:
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My first ‘payout’ deleted my account?!

I held off on posting this because my upstream/mentor told me she’d heard that the site owner was on vacation. Well now that I’ve received an email from a different site that has the same owner as PPCPayDay, I’m going to try to find out why my account was deleted.

Amber wondered if I might have clicked a cheat link by mistake. I suppose it’s likely, since this was my first week PTC’ing. But darn, I wish I could just be penalized or warned for a mistake like that, instead of losing my whole account. I’m going to ask if I can have my account back if I pay closer attention to the links (I have enlarged my text across most sites for this very reason).

Here’s what I wrote to my blog, along with a copy of my email to PPCPayDay, when my account was first deleted:

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Free online voicemail with options, no downloads (wow)

I just found k7 after I wasn’t able to get my new j2 program to work (j2 seemed to work after I installed it, but after rebooting, I couldn’t get it working again). I’m rather pleased with k7 though, especially since I’m using their free account.

I was assigned a 206 area code — yea, I’d rather have a local, but it’s free, but I was able to make my own greeting (unlike j2). And I can collect my voicemails as wav files at the site, via email, or both.

I’ve already tested it, and so far it works great.

Surveying for hardware

I almost got through all my clicks before I just had to take a break. And I talked myself into postponing them a bit longer when I came back 8^)

wii, PSP, iPod, cameras, games, even jewelryI found a survey site that’s considerably easier to navigate that some of the survey sites I’ve seen this last week (mostly it’s the combination sites that confuse me). But Review1’s prizes are easier to find, and their forum is very populated and active, which tells me people are getting their prizes!

The sub-forum Tips From The Pros was very helpful; I was able to make 3.25 points in a very short time — I’m not sure exactly how long since I was doing other things in between, like dinner, dishes, finding and setting up a new voicemail service (I’ll give it it’s own post). But I used to do those kinds of surveys to make Linden$ when I played around in Second Life a while, and I never could do them properly until this forum taught me exactly how to do each kind of survey.

But if you’re not the forum-reading kind of person, contact me for help — it’s the least I can do if you’re using my referral link 8^)

Now reading emails, soon filling offers and maybe surveys

I’ve come up with a system that works for me — I started a new Firefox profile specifically for PTC’ing, and have fifty sites bookmarked in groups of tens, which I open each group all at once in tabs (but I have to remember to only open one page requiring a login first, otherwise I get ten master password dialog boxes!) So I’m getting through all the sites I’ve signed up through Amber’s referral links fairly quickly now.

I’ve enabled the read emails option in many of the PTC sites that have them, but there doesn’t seem to be very many available for non-paying members. But I have done a few; some of them even let you read the emails from the internal email system at the site (I like that!)

I’m signed up with a few sites that do offers now too. I’m not sure I’m doing them correctly though — they’re very specific. I skip the ones requiring a credit card number or social security number though.

I’ve been looking at some survey sites too, but haven’t finished setting up accounts at the few I’ve signed up for (waiting for the confirmation email).

Is this a payout?

I think I might have my first payout! I put in a request for payout, and it went through.

I’ll just have to wait and see.

Making money with PTCs is a lot of work at first

The story of how I got into PTC (Paid To Click) sites, and how I’m using Amber’s PTC Blog as a guide:

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